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Embed Images from Google Photos into your Website

Google Photos is the best and free source of image and video storage in cloud of google drive. Google offers three plans in it -
  •  A free plan with 15 GB limited for all and no storage limit for multimedia storage, but it decreases the quality of your original files.
  • The second plan is paid plan with purchased storage plan. In which you can store content within the limit of your storage plan.
  • The third is unlimited plan with no storage limit. In this plan you can upload any content in its original quality.

Google Photo New Logo

Gmail storage Free plan

   Lets discuss about first free plan - it includes 15 GB storage to individual having a valid gmail id. In this plan the gmail account holders can store content up to 15 GB in the google cloud storage.

  • Google Photo free plan in optimum

    If you cant buy cloud storage or don't have unlimited storage account you can still have its benefits. If you have PC or Smart mobile phone you can sync your pictures and videos with google photo apps. Just go to your Google photo account setting and go to Back up & sync in its setting in upload size section choose High quality (Free backup at high resolution) . You have done unlimited media storage option active, enjoy storage.

  • Google Photo as a media Hosting

    In web development at the beginning you may lack of high storage hosting or cant offer it, in such you can use Google Photo as the hosting for media storage. In  which you can use it as your media content storage and embed it with your site.

  • Go to and open any image that you wish to embed in your website.
  • Get the Shareable link. 

Google photo downloadable

    We are taking about can we make google photo cloud storage media content downloadable ? The short answer is YES !

Lets first store file in google photo. Right click the content and copy the image URL,  suppose take above image URL, as i have used blogspot and it stores media in Google photos, so it looks like this -


  • Link Google Photo Content 

    The last of the link is media file name in above example its Google-photo-new-logo.jpg just before the content name and type we see /s0/ tricks to use here replace "d" instead of anything within the two slash"/...../" . After our trick its looks like


Now you can hyperlink the new link and directly download the gmail stored files in to your mobile or PC.

"<a href=""> <button>Download</button></a> "


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