Free Domain Free Hosting Free Website in NEPAL

Free Domain Free Hosting Free Website in NEPAL

“Beginer guide for free website in Nepal”

Here is Free Web Site tricks For Nepali

The basic requirement to run a web site are

  •    Domain
  •        Hosting
  •        Bridge

1.A domain ( - here example is a domain). If you are Nepali Citizen you are lucky to have your own free .np domain (like 
 go and register at , a company to provide free Nepali .np Domain.
If you are not Nepali don’t be sad there are lots company who provides free domain. I personally suggest you https://www.freenom.comthey Provide free domain maximum for 12 month, or you may googled a better options.

2.  Hosting ( like a memory card of your mobile, the storage to store the web page files). If you wish to purchase there are many company to provide you a better hosting. If you are beginner and wanna learn it, I suggest you provide 1 GB data space for free. They provide MySQL, cPanel with free of cost. All they do is stick a small banner of company in your every  page. If you wish to remove that I have a trick just comment below mentioning that.

Infinity Free - If you are beginner and wish to learn more infinity would be a better option for you.

3. The third one is a bridge that connects domain and hosting to work. I personally suggest you to use https://www.cloudflare.coma best company among to provide you the service with zero cost and free SSL (secure sockets layer).

When all these three combination are gathered then you can run a website.

 There are many other companies who provides their own domain and hosting for free. Like Google product which provides a blogging platform with their own domain. But if you owe a domain you could redirect to your own domain.

If you have any question or quarry please feel free to comment love to hear and share with you !

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