[SOLVED] XAMPP mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/1045): Access denied error

 While using the sql server in XAMPP the configuration mismatched may lead to an error -  mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/1045): Access denied     

You may have faced this problem while working in sql.

XAMPP -error -  real_connect(): (HY000/1045)

SOLUTION of XAMPP connect Error ( HY000/1045)

  • Find the file my.ini
  • The file location is "System drive:/xampp/mysql/bin/my.ini"
  • open the file in editor
  • go to nine no. 28


  • on line no. 28 [mysqld] end hit enter
  • new line 29 created
  • just copy and paste the following code in newly created line no. 29
  • go to XAMPP control panel and stop the both "Apache" and "MySQL"
  • Again start the both "Apache" and "MySQL"

solved - mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/1045): Access denied


  Problem is solved : Cheers 🍺🍺
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